Opcache Tuning

  1. opcache.memory_consumption – default 64... increase to 512
  2. opcache.max_accelerated_files - limit 2000 default... increase "to at least 65407"
  3. opcache.revalidate_freq – default 2 seconds... set to 4 (could go higher but 4 is "safe")

NGINX in front of Apache on Cloud

Terminate SSL at NGINX level (NGINX serving as a load balancer)

"Microcaching" with NGINX – (presented as alternative to varnish)

  • Prevents high demand dynamic content from being generated more than once per second
  • Increasing cache time to 30 seconds – only caching static content like CSS/Javascript

Allow more room for custom developments ("esp headless")

Headless Drupal Workflow

Content/DB (Drupal) ->

Logic Rendering (PHP) ->

JS Fetch/Render Data (React/Node/etc)

Software Collection (SCL) – CentOS repository providing dynamic set of languages

  • Can be used to manage multiple versions of PHP/NodeJS on same server