│   nc_base_theme.libraries.yml
│   nc_base_theme.theme
│	└───components
│		└───article_card
│		└───cta_card
│		└───full_width
│   │
│   │   PreprocessEntityWrapper.php
│	└───block
│	└───content
│	└───layout
│	└───navigation
│	└───paragraph
│	└───tpl.php (copied from D7 nc_base_theme/templates for reference)
Header and Main Nav from D7 working in D8!

Set the following in your settings.local.php:

$settings['container_yamls'][] = DRUPAL_ROOT . '/sites/';

Create development.service.yml in eight/web/sites:

# Local development services.
# To activate this feature, follow the instructions at the top of the
# 'example.settings.local.php' file, which sits next to this file.
  http.response.debug_cacheability_headers: true
    debug: true
    auto_reload: true
    cache: false
    class: Drupal\Core\Cache\NullBackendFactory

I also added a local config split that enables Devel/ Kint.

Set Theme Registry to rebuild on page load via Devel:

Component Usage

We can continue to create these using the same process as before. This is a base theme utilizing the components already created and placed in the nceight theme we have been using. Contains Components to Port

Ported components:

  • Article Card
  • CTA Card
  • Full Width Paragraph